Typical Signs of Anorexia

1. Significant recent weight loss to the point that you are well below the average weight for your age and height

2. Restricting your eating to only “safe” foods like fruit, vegetables, and other low fat/low carb items

3. Eating alone due to a fear of eating with family, friends, or in public

4. Going a long time between meals or skipping meals

5. Weird food rituals like cutting food into tiny pieces or taking a very long time to eat

6. Obsession with nutrition facts, counting calories, and avoiding dietary fat

7. Being cold all the time, covering up with layers of clothes

8. Reading recipes, cooking excessively for others and not eating it yourself

9. Feeling fat even though you are underweight

10. Feeling like your self worth is based on how much you weigh

A missing or delayed menstrual period is another sign you may be suffering from Anorexia.
Often the best treatment for Anorexia involves a team of people who specialize in the care of eating disorders, including an eating disorder therapist, a nutritionist, and a physician.

If you or someone you love is showing symptoms of Anorexia, reach out for help. The problem does not easily go away on it’s own.